Rose Valerie, Night Shift Nurse md-82528 Cecilia ScottCherry KissGeorge LeeKristof CaleLaure ValentinRidgeRose ValerieThomasTina Kay

Stars: Cecilia ScottGeorge LeeTina KayKristof CaleCherry KissRose ValerieThomasTottiLaure ValentinRidge  
Studio: Marc Dorcel
SN: md-82528
Release Date: 2018-03-06
minutes: 0/d minutes
Likes: 4883
Are all nurses naked under their white blouses? What really happens in the locker rooms during night shifts? Do you have to sleep with the Chief Doctor to get a bonus? That's exactly what Rose will discover in this very special hospital. Newly graduated from her nursing school, Rose will quickly learn that all the "one says" about nurses are much closer to the truth than she could have imagined. The hospital manager demands that all nurses wear high heels and sexy lingerie underneath their blouse. Here, doctors and patients know that these sexy nurses will do anything to do their daily tasks and above all, cater for all their needs, even the most perverse ones.

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